Australian Hanmudo students achieved higher ranks

A Number of Australian Hanmudo students achieved higher ranks (Black Belt, 1st Dan Black Belt, 2nd Dan Black Belt and 3rd Dan Black Belt) during the recent visit of the Grandmaster Dr He-Young Kimm the Founder of Han Mu Do to Sydney late August. Australian Hanmudo members trained a few years preparing for this test. Even though it was stressful to perform in front of the Great Grandmaster, but they all aced it.
Han Mu Do is a collection of Dr. Kimm’s best techniques that he learnt from numerous martial arts from over forty years of his training.
Dr. Kimm is called the Great Grandmaster as he is not only a Hanmudo Grandmaster.  He is also a Hapkido Grandmaster, Judo Grandmaster, Taekwondo Grandmaster and Kuk sool won Grandmaster.
Hanmudo Australia has been lead by Chief Master Keyvan Mirzai since 1997. With his leadership thousands of Australian have touched and benefited from Hanmudo.
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