Abdullah bin Zayed condemns Sydney terrorist act

ABU DHABI, 16th December 2014 (WAM): the UAE Foreign Minister, His Highness Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, has issued a statement strongly condemning the terrorist act, targeting innocent citizens, that took place in a cafe in the Australian city of Sydney yesterday.

“This ugly act,” he said, “strengthens our commitment to confront the phenomena of extremism and terrorism, which do not distinguish between religions and peoples and which represent a serious danger to all civilised nations and societies, without discrimination.” “Such acts,” he noted, “highlight the importance of all countries and nations standing together to join their efforts to confront such actions and to eradicate them.”

 “Our well-intentioned struggle against these vicious crimes,” Sheikh Abdullah said, “requires that all of us co-operate together, firmly and wisely.”

“The Government and people of the United Arab Emirates,” he added, “stand by the friendly people of Australia and commend the Australian government for its efforts to confront extremism and terrorism.” “We value highly the noble principles upon which Australian society has been built, ” he added.

Noting the widely-reported instances of individual non-Muslim Australians reassuring their Muslim compatriots that they were not to be blamed in any way for the crimes of a single deranged individual, and the sincere outreach of ordinary Australians to the Muslim community, he added “These principles that form the basis of Australian society are rich with openness and tolerance to all cultures and beliefs and have resulted in the creation of a nation which does not discriminate on ethnic or religious grounds.” In conclusion, Sheikh Abdullah emphasised “the necessity of firmly confronting anyone who might seek to impinge upon and to change this humanitarian model.”