A Somali woman brought to Australia for treatment after being raped in Nauru

A Somali woman, aged 23, is reportedly more than 12 weeks pregnant, has been brought to Australia for treatment after being raped in the Nauruan community.

Her lawyer George Newhousee said, “Our client is relieved that there has been a resolution to this sensitive matter. She is now in Australia and the Commonwealth Government has agreed to provide her with medical treatment.”

“Our client has asked us to thank concerned Australians for their support and the PM and the Minister for Immigration for their understanding. We will continue to monitor the situation and to ensure our client receives the treatment and care she requires,” he added.

Abortion is illegal in the island nation of Nauru, except where the mother’s life is at risk. Rape is not considered as an adequate reason for a termination.

Australia’s top court is currently reviewing the legality of the centres.

Meanwhile, Nauru police have closed their investigation into another claims of Somali women, aged 26, that she was raped.

The Nauru authorities said in the statement that there was “insufficient evidence” to support her claim that she was raped by two Nauruan men and dragged into a cave and raped for about 30 minutes.

The woman was unable to identify attackers because their faces were covered.

“The only information she was able to provide police was that that they were of muscular build and talked in Nauruan,” the authorities said in the statement.

Hospital tests proved negative for rape. Police also could not find the cave.

The senate committee reported on September that conditions on Nauru were not “appropriate or safe” and allegations of rape and abuse should be investigated.