A man with gun shot an officer and still at large in Melbourne,Australia

A man with the gun is still on the run after shooting a police officer in the north-west Melbourne this morning.

The shooting happened after two police officers in a car tried to stop a black car in Moonee Ponds around 3:40am and the driver sped off.

After a short chasing, the officers tried to block the car on Robinson Street and then, the driver fired one shot from a 12-gauge shotgun, hitting the male officer who was driving, aged 31.

Detective Inspector Steve Clark said “Bullets have gone through the open window, injured the first officer who was driving their police van.”

“I’m pleased to say the injuries are not life-threatening. As my understanding, it was only a routine intercept. Police have gone to pull that car over and it’s run away from them.”

The fellow officer of injured policeman called help and used first aid until emergency groups arrived there.

The injured officer was taken to the Royal Melbourne Hospital and is conscious and in a stable condition.

The car escaped and officers are searching for the gunman.

More or less 30 minutes later the car was found burnt out at Hossack Avenue in Coburg North.

The detective said that it was truly “good luck” that the officer was not seriously injured.

“I’m told our police member has many shotgun bullets to the back of his head. I really don’t have any other information about his condition for now,” he said.

Fortunately on this occasion it was a good news rather than a bad news story.

Local resident Helen Stanford said she was frightened after hearing a gunshot in their street and immediately after there were “flashing lights everywhere”.

“It is scary because you don’t expect to pull over a car and have the gunshot through the window,” she said.

Ms Stanford also added that it was fortunate the incident happened in the school holidays because it was very close to St Monica’s Primary School.

“If this had happened next week, the area would be full of cars and parents dropping off children walking along the streets.”