17 NOPE Animal Pics That Prove Australia Is Absolutely Terrifying!


1. Massive Snake Eating Massive Bat!


Just the mere sight of these two creatures could give you a nightmare! Oh Australia, why do you house the largest of all scary creatures?

Croc-Eating Pythons

True enough, Australia has been a popular place for animals with their climate. But no one knew that this python will be eating crocodiles whole as if the bat thing wasn’t enough already! This 10 foot snake constricted the crocodile while the crocodile fought! I just can’t believe what I just said. The Croc actually fought for its life.3Here’s another snake eating a goanna. Needless to say, snakes are everywhere!13

5. Giant Deadly Bird Attacks


Okay, enough with all the snakes! Let’s go to another photos showing just how terrifying Australia is. Being the third biggest bird in Australia doesn’t mean that you will be as gentle as the other birds. For this Cassowary, the world is definitely a very annoying place. This bird is known to be very aggressive and can attack humans without provoking it. With its strong talons and its size, it will definitely leave you seriously injured, or you might even face death.

6. Giant Bats


These insanely huge bats are also known as the flying foxes. I am not a bit surprised to hear that statement though. Although they look as if that they are ready to eat you, they are harmless to humans and only eat fruits. Fruit bats have never been so big except in Australia.

. Giant Earthworms


We can all agree that they are not terrifying or dangerous, but earthworms this HUGE is just insane not to mention  very sickening. Can somebody tell us why all creepy creatures are growing in insane sizes in Australia?

8. Spider Infestation


Spiders have never been so creepy yet a major part of the…. Tree. This spider infestation in Australia is definitely a living nightmare for those who have arachnophobia. They have been everywhere, from the ground to the trees and even on your bed, just you wait. I will not be living in Australia where I will be seeing this.