12-year-old Saudi boy wins U.S. tennis championship

A Saudi boy has won the U.S. Tennis Association Boys 12s National Championship this week.

12-year-old Saud Alhogbani beat 11-year-old opponent Benjamin Kittay in the final match of the tournament on Saturday.

In a 6-3, 6-0 victory to Alhogbani, Kittay said his rival’s serves were “too good.”

“They were just too good,” Kittay told Arkansas News. “I’m used to them, but I just didn’t return them well.”

“I could see today that he was having trouble with my serve,” Alhogbani told the news site. “Once it curves, it bounces up on him and he didn’t like that, so that’s what I did a lot.”

Alhogbani said he was pleased with his recent successes, but said he must continue to work at reaching where he wants to be.