Young Zimbabwe women are being lured to Kuwait to work as housemaids under unbearable conditions in their masters houses.Their traffickers promised them with high salaries of $ 600.00 U.S.Dollars a month, but these women ended up with only $ 200.00 if any is lucky enough to be paid by her master.They are forced to work 12 long hours a day without a rest, not allowed to go out for whatever reason, not to have a contact with the outside world, locked in when their masters families leave for evenings hang outs. They are given left over foods to feed on, treated worse than slaves, beaten for not understanding Arabic Language. The Zimbabwean government was able to bring back 15 out of 600 women trafficked to Kuwait this year, while many more are still trapped there with no one to rescue them from modern slavery that the Africans, Asians, Eastern  European women are experiencing in the Arab Gulf.Therefore, let other young women learn form Sylvia Chabikwas, one of  Zimbabwean woman who was trafficked to Kuwait under false expectations of getting a decent with higher salary in Kuwait but things did work out as she anticipated ;rather she ended up being mistreated, beaten , and denied of having a cell phone , and lost her respect as human being that should be treated with dignity. She was happy to come back to her country Zimbabwe.