It is clear to the whole world that black lives do not matters to some white police officers in the U.S.A. How can anyone kills another man because his car’s left side signal is not working? How can any police officer kills someone because a homeless man called and reported that a black man has a gun? Well, it seemed to everyone that this is an open season for a black man to be killed by some hostile and racist white police officers in American States. It is apparent that African-Americans do not benefit of being human in America because of their black colours.Moreover, white police shootings are the systematic of racial disparities as President Obama said it on an interview last week after the shootings of two innocent men by white police officers in Louisiana and Minnesota states.

It is appalling that American politicians love to talk about racial discrimination between whites and blacks but fail to come up a solution for it cure.As a criminologist, I would say that America as a great nation but still needs to recovers from these three major obstacles namely, gun which is the root of all violence, race which divides its nation into two, and finally, their criminal justice system which is based on singling out blacks and Latinos people as out cast group that should be killed or lock up in prisons away from their white fellows.

Therefore, you cannot call yourself a great nation that proclaims human rights while you have a discriminating justice system that is not well articulated among your own people.America needs to re-examines itself, especially the way blacks people are being treated by their some white officers who want to kill every young black man on the American streets. When did caring a gun become a crime in America?Especially in states like Louisiana, Texas, or Minnesota? Is it not the citizen’s right to do so, or it is because the one caring a gun is a black man? To day, many Republicans politicians went out and said, it is true that there is too much racism in America and they must do something to unify the nation after these unfolding events of last week. Is it the first time for these politicians to see or know about this systematic discrimination between whites and blacks ?