What was the outcome when our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the U.S. President Barack Obama met in the White House last Thursday? Well, Many people expressed their thoughts by saying that they have never seen so many American people excited about the visit of our Canadian PM. But I would add that the American people were excited a lone, as Canadians; we were also happy to see how the leader of a free world welcomed our leader. The president Obama and the PM Ttrudeau are not boastful leaders who seek their own interests, rather they are peace makers, speakers for those who cannot speak for themselves, and respect other people beliefs and cultures.

The fact is, even if you don’t want to be. If you’re the kind of Canadian predisposed to be charmed by these two beautiful, smiling heads of neighbouring states standing shoulder to shoulder, flanked by their beautiful, smiling families, alternately snapping on each other and bigging each other up while addressing the world’s most consequential problems, then the Trudeau’s date with the Obama might make you feel as if anything is possible. You only wish both leaders could have more time together.

And if you’re not that kind of Canadian, you’re still a Canadian. You still want your country to be taken seriously. You still want it to have influence. In conclusion, as Canadians, we are proud to see our young leader being respected by the U.S. President, American people, and the world.