UN: 120,000 people displaced in Syria

At least 120,000 people were displaced in Syria this month, which is more than doubling an earlier UN estimate of 50,000.

The U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs said in  it’s first report on the humanitarian impact of the Russian-backed Syrian government offensive, several hospitals had been hit from the air and women and children had been killed by bombs.

It also mentioned that Islamic State fighters had cut the road from Hama to Aleppo on Oct. 23, which put 700,000 people in government controlled areas of western Aleppo city at risk.

Russia has destroyed more than 800 terrorist targets in Syria since it began its air strikes campaign on September 30, and aimed at destroying extremist Islamic militants.

However, air strikes targeted hospitals and health facilities six times between October 1 and 23, particularly in Muhradah and central Hama, according to health agencies’ report.

One of the air strikes hit on a clinic in Sarmin in province Idlib, which killed two medical workers and 10 civilians on October 20.