Treasurer says Turnbull called the States’ bluff

Edited by Nelly. T

While the Prime Ministers ‘big idea’ may have died a humiliating death the issue of paying for education and health is still alive.

Turnbull argues that after rebuffing his proposal the states can no longer plausibly ask the federal government to raise the GST or Medicare levy.

Treasurer Scott Morrison claims it was the Prime Minister’s aim to call out the states with his fleeting income-sharing tax plan.

“The Prime Minister called the states and territories’ bluff.” Mr. Morrison said on Monday.

Mr. Morrison continues on to say that Australia needed to live within its resources instead of making ‘fantasy promises’ like the former Gillard government.

“The only way Opposition Leader Bill Shorten could pay for the policies he was promising would be through higher taxes,” the treasurer said.

After years of wandering into the irrelevant, Australian Institute of Company Directors boss John Brogden, says last week’s Council of Australian Governments meeting signalled its expiry.

He’s calling for an overhaul, proposing reform targets, timeframes for delivery and an independent chairperson to oversee the process.