‘They’re jacking their prices up’: Adelaide grocer blasts supermarkets in viral clip

A grocer in Adelaide has unleashed on supermarket chains for “jacking up their f***ing prices” in a fiery rant on social media, declaring his shop in the city’s east has refused to use inflation as an “excuse” to charge more for fresh produce.

Johnny Kapiris, who runs St Bernards Fruit and Veg with his wife Leannda, posted the video to Facebook on Sunday morning and immediately attracted attention.

“Every f***er in Australia and the world is using inflation for an excuse to jack their f***ing prices up so they can f*** everyone,” Mr Kapiris said.

“You know why? Cos they’re money hungry f***s.”

Mr Kapiris claimed “greedy corporations refuse to reduce the mark-up they make across all their lines of fruit and vegetables”.

Mr Kapiris also said bigger retailers can still stop skyrocketing prices if they simply put their customers first.

“My grandfather John came here from Greece in 1948 and he had fruit shops,” Mr Kapiris said.

“He always said, ‘when it’s like this, when the economy is s***, you trade your profits for customers, you get them in the shop, then they’ll buy’.”

“I’ve been brought up to sacrifice profits to get customers in.”
Mr Kapiris said buying in bulk helped ease the pain of rising produce prices, showing off a range of fruit and veg at his store at lower prices than most other retailers.

“Strawberries! $4.99,” he said. “You’ll see ’em everywhere for $8, $9, $10. Crooks. F***ing crooks!’”
St Bernards Fruit and Veg iscurrently selling mandarins at 99 cents per kilo, apples at $1.99 a kilo, tomatoes at $4.99kg, ginger $12.99 and cucumbers at $6.99.

“Look, high prices definitely have a lot to do with fuel costs, Covid isolation etc, but the major problem that caused the spike in lettuces and greens was when they had floods rains in Queensland and NSW,” he continued.

“It wiped out farmers’ first and second plantings and has created a massive window where there was no production for all of the east coast, so everyone is waiting on South Australia and Victoria to supply themselves plus NSW and Queensland.”
His video has been viewed over 320,000 times and attracted over 9,000 reactions and comments.

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