The Cities of Israel Are Not Safe

headquarters in Jerusalem, in which a woman and a policeman were killed and six people wounded, is a murderous, despicable act that must be unequivocally condemned. But the reactions of those responsible for public safety in Israel – Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan and Police Commissioner Roni Alsheich – were ridiculous and demonstrate a denial of reality.
Erdan repeated his mantra when he argued that the social networks are the primary reason the wave of attacks is continuing. “Facebook and the internet companies bear direct responsibility for what’s happening,” he said on Sunday. “That Facebook reopened Hamas pages last week under pressure from the Palestinian street is an outrage.”
It seems Erdan refuses to internalize the fact that the wave of attacks is linked to causes deeper than Hamas Facebook pages. The government’s consistent blocking of any option for a diplomatic process, at the end of which a glimmer of hope for an agreement might emerge, is what’s causing the feelings of suffocation and frustration, and later the barbaric acts like Sunday’s attack. Erdan’s battles against internet companies are absurd because they seek to reverse cause and effect – instead of addressing the root causes of this destructive dynamic, he prefers to divert the debate toward the technological means of dissemination.
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