A man reaps what he sow. You see, when a farmer goes out to plant seeds by scattering them on the earth, he knows for sure something good would come out to feed his family. Now, let’s look back at Syrian-5 years of a civil war. Who had leverage over the other; the current Syrian government, the rebels (ISIS), Russian, or international coalition? The only thing I could see is overwhelm human destructions, death, and displacement of Syrian people. The world has not seen such a mass influx (an arrival of large numbers of people) in our recent memories since War world I.

This phenomenon made me re-think twice about my fellow human beings and how we are negatively dealing with each other. It is a parent that our attitudes towards each other became futile, vengeance, intolerance, discriminatory, destructive, and boastful about every indecent act. The question is what has changed after five years of brutal killings and destructions of innocent lives in Syria? At the early stages of the conflict, international community thought that the main opposition ought to be supported against Assad’s brutal regime, but the same opposition was taken over by the radicals known as ISIS that became the major focus of the entire world.

ISIS members came flocking from all four corners of the earth with false expectations that they are going to convert the entire world into Islam and its prophet Mohammed. But things went terribly wrong when they started killing their fellows Muslims, because they were not radicals enough. Some of the ISIS fighters went even further to kill their own mothers, sisters, brothers, and relatives. Simply, these family members were not showing a true Islam (strict form of Sunni-Islam).

It is true that ISIS fighters have the minds of sinful men who are pre-occupied with torturing those who disagree with their belief, killing, persecuting, and forcing them to accept Islam as the legitimate faith, but they do not know that the mind controlled by the spirit of God is life and peace, because the sinful mind is in constant state of hostility to God people. Those radical terrorists are looking only on the surface of things. They just want to force others to believe and accept what they do not practice or believe (older version of Islam).

On the Syrian’s President side, Mr. Bashar Al-Assad strongly believes that he was born to lead that country until the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.  See to it that when you come across such a leader, you just can’t help or persuade him in order to give up the power he inherited from his father who was there for many generations until his death in the office (power)? Can you be a leader of nation where ¼ of a million people lost their lives in a civil war, 4 millions took refuge in other countries, and many more are internally displaced or resisting the regime itself?

You know, it is a tough task to get rid of these kinds of leaders who inherited leaderships. Just think, Russian came to aid him by regaining territories that were taken over by ISIS and now, Russians decided to go back to their country. Furthermore, the so called international coalition also tested all kinds of Americans, Russians, and Europeans weapons. They dropped uncountable bombs that levelled villages and cities across Syria, but the environmentalists are unable to point out the long terms consequences of these bombs and weapons on the local people.

Lastly but not the least, a new dilemma beside the ongoing civil war. The Kurdish fighters are now demanding their independent from Syria; this is something the Americans would not accept by any form; simply, the Turkish government also would not permits such thing as Kurdish independent in northern Syria, because it puts Turkey’s national security at risk as the government still facing off with the PKK  fighters which they considers as a terrorist group that wants to establishes independent country between Turkey, Syria, Iraq, and Iran.