Sydney’s gangland war too hot for some as underworld figures and bikies flee interstate

A number of underworld figures and bikies are reportedly leaving Sydney because of the current gangland war and increasing police pressure.
The shooting of Comanchero sergeant at arms Tarek Zahed and his brother Omar signalled to many it was time to leave town.
“It is out of control,” said one senior underworld figure.
“The people being hit are big time players. It seems some old scores are being settled under the cover of the current war. Everyone is saying ‘Who is next?’ ” he said.
“People are getting nervous. they always do when they start locking people up. They start wondering who is next and who is talking, so some guys are taking off.”
Members of crime groups are also whinging about being constantly harassed by police, mainly by members of the Raptor Squad.
“It’s constant, they are everywhere. They are pulling people over all the time and doing FPO’s all the time,’’ he said.
Anyone subjected to a Firearm Prohibition Order can have their car or home searched at any time.
On Monday night, former Lone Wolf bikie Yusef Nazlioglu was shot dead in an underground car park at Rhodes, possibly as revenge for the murder of former Comanchero boss Mick Hawi in 2018.
Within 24 hours, police announced a breakthrough in the murder of another underworld heavyweight Mahmoud “Brownie’’ Ahmad, gunned down in a Greenacre street two months ago.
Acting Assistant Commissioner Jason Weinstein said the arrest was the first of more to be carried out in the near future and others would follow for other executions carried out in the past 18 months.
Police have charged a number of people in relation to some of the murders and attempted murders, including that of Mejid Hamze in 2020.

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