Summer extremes: ‘Winter wonderland’ in Australia’s south-east and searing heat in Queensland

Australia’s extreme run of weather this summer continues, with parts of the south-east experiencing a ‘winter wonderland’ as temperatures soar further north.

Victoria’s Mount Hotham woke to flurries of snow this morning as temperatures dipped below zero in the state’s high country overnight.

Further south, a thick blanket of ice and hail lined the village of Orford, 73km from Hobart, as temperatures dipped to 14C with the arrival of a cold front yesterday afternoon.

Many rugged-up residents captured the action on social media, with one posting “is it supposed to do that” in response to frosty scenes.

Today Hobart is enjoying a significantly warmer day, with a top of 21 degrees- the average maximum for January- and breaks of sunshine.

Meanwhile, it’s reached a sweltering 36 degrees in Brisbane as it continues to climb towards a predicted top of 38 degrees.