#Showbiz: Lebanon trip made me shed rivers of tears, says Ella

KUALA LUMPUR: Rock queen Nor Zila Aminuddin or Ella has been “deeply moved” by the sufferings of children in refugee camps in Lebanon.

The 52-year-old singer who visited the West Asian country on a humanitarian mission last month, said she “shed rivers of tears” after learning that the children, refugees from war-torn Palestine and Syria, were malnourished and lacking in basic needs such as clothing and fresh water.

“The month-long trip to Lebanon opened my eyes, and made me realise how fortunate I was. It was a harrowing journey and an important lesson, but one which I wanted to be part of,” she said at a buka puasa event with orphans from Maahad Tahfiz Darul Aini in Kuang, Selangor yesterday.

“The hardship they face cannot be described in words. It was just painful, their faces were bloodied, and they scrambled for food supplies as they were hungry.

“Many of them were pre-teens, but they looked a lot smaller due to lack of nutrition. They could not eat their meals alone, and had to share them with their younger siblings in the same camp.”

Ella also said some of the children died of electric shocks because of wiring malfunctions in the camps.

“It was so painful seeing them go so tragically.”

The artiste added that the youngsters were also “hungry for love” since they were orphaned by war, and begged her to hug or carry them.

“I hope more Malaysians will do their utmost to help these children by donating or volunteering for on-going humanitarian missions.”

Ella urged the public to support the #1follower1ringgit campaign of humanitarian organisation Kedamaian Kemanusiaan Berhad (KKB) of which she and her husband Azhar Ghazali are ambassadors.

Ella and Azhar visited refugee camps in Bekaa and Beirut, Lebanon.

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