Sameer Qasem appointed as an honorable director in Australia

Sameer is the Producer and Editor of the National Iraqi IV based in Sydney. He has extensive overseas experience as a radio and TV director, editor and cameraman (including for example as a radio director in the Iraqi public channel, TV director in the Iraqi sports channel, arts programmes section, and a wide variety of programs, sports director for the Al-Iraqiya channel), and as director and official of the office of the Iraqi channel in Australia.
He has attained qualifications from Britain (videography courses), Iraq (Fine Arts Institute and Technical Institute), Lebanon (channel LBC), Pakistan (TV training institute), Turkey (TV course), United Arab Emirates (Al Arabiya channel), and the USA (Hares production company).
Sameer arrived in Australia in 2011. He volunteers his services beyond his normal working hours to represent and empower all Iraqi communities – whether Moslem, Christian, Kurdish, Mandaean or any other – attending their events regardless of their faith or origins towards connecting the different groups of the Iraqi community in Sydney. He is producing documentaries about the Iraqi community and Australia, sending free reports about the community to the Iraqi channels, making all the Iraqi community proud of the great events they are doing in Australia.

Recently Sameer participated in the Journey of Love and Peace by Iraqi Renaissance to visit and welcome the new arrivals from the Ayzidi community in Wagga Wagga. This visit has become very famous within the Iraqi community in Australia and in Iraq, and consequently a great relationship is being built between the Ayzidi and the rest of the Iraqi community.
Sameer is married and has three children. His wife is a great support to his work especially as a presenter of his TV programmes.

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