President Obama agenda include the lifting of the economic blockade which he has asked Congress to look into repealing, but has faced stiff opposition from Republicans.  is also the need to close down the naval base at GUANTANAMO BAY, which has been there against the will of the Cuban people. This is in fact would require unshakable political will to change old view towards the communist nation.

Here are a few differences between president Obama and the Republicans in the Congress

Obama strongly believes that people are people and hold high expectations that Cuban people have a great future ahead of them .While, the Republicans in the Congress believe that punishing the communist political leaders would enable Cuban people to change the system and create political instability.

Obama perspective is based on reality that the sanction that lasted over 50 years is no longer effective at this era. He also believes that people in both counties are as a community of a common destiny. Republicans in the Congress want a quick change within. This is an extraordinary adventure by a sitting U.S. President to visit Cuba after nearly 90 years of unproductive political, economical, and social barriers. It is the first visit by the powerful leader of the world since 1928 when Calvin Coolidge arrived in a battleship.

It is undeniable fact that president Obama’s aim is to advance his Cuba policy to the point it would be all but difficult for the coming U.S. president to overlook. Mr. Obama is eager to bring an end to decades of bitterness deeper into the past and forge new ties with America’s former adversary.

the communist system .But that is difficult, because the communist leaders are not ready to give up their ideology any circumstance. Obama acknowledges that Cuban people suffered beyond measure due to long embargo.