Parts of Australia hit with coldest start to the year

A cold snap has hit Australia’s south east, with temperatures in some regions dropping below zero.
Many are waking up to the coldest morning of the year today, with icy winds, frost and snow for some regions.
The blistering chill is being felt in parts of NSW, Victoria and inland South Australia with the mercury in the ACT dropping to -4 degrees.
Parts of central NSW are also expected to drop to -5 degrees and highland areas could see temperatures at -10 degrees.
The Bureau of Meteorology said every state and territory will experience some level of frost, especially on the southeast coast.
The chilly conditions are due to a slow moving high-pressure system mixing with dry air over the country’s eastern interior.
Winds swept up from the south are also adding to the bite in NSW and Victoria and a low-pressure system in South Australia will bring gusty showers through inland areas.
In Sydney, temperatures will drop to just eight degrees but it will feel much cooler due to the dry winds.
Richmond in the city’s north-west is currently at two degrees and that will drop to zero at the same time tomorrow.
While Melbourne is also expected to feel the chill, only reaching a top of 11 degrees, some cloud cover will alleviate the chill there compared to what Greater Western Sydney is experiencing this morning.
Adelaide will see temperatures of just 13 degrees today, with a low of five degrees for the commute to work.
A cold front is also approaching south-western WA, which will bring strong winds and moderate showers.
The icy weather is expected to continue tomorrow with temperatures across the country warming slightly in time for the weekend.

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