Are South Sudanese People Aware of This Fact?


It’s an issue many intellectuals are asking and worrying about as they watch the leaders of that new nation fight themselves for more power and wealth while ignoring the fact that more than half of the South Sudan children are not enrolled in schools.

This is outrageous to many people across the globe, but this is not the case with the nation political leaders whose minds and hearts has become dull by corruption and division according to their tribal lines.

It’s a nightmare when a bunch of corrupted politicians occupy leadership by guns, but with no sympathy to their people they represent, especially young children who deserve more than education. I have never heard or seen political leaders who are so indifferent towards their younger generation like South Sudan political elites. For South Sudanese people who truly love their children, but seriously question their intelligence at time like these, where over half of children do not go to schools like the rest of children in other countries. What is going on there is appalling and must be questioned, because there would be generations without education and eventually, the entire nation is doomed to backwardness through lack of education.

Unfortunately, there is no easy way out to this, since the President Salva Kiir and his corrupted officials became worst than the Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe. One thing for certain is that, the South Sudanese politicians can’t seem to get enough of corruption and tribalism. The President Kiir and his officials in the government really enjoys- the backing of the military. Kiir succeeded in controlling the people whom he also divided into 29 small States which are all based on tribes. What a nation? I strongly believe that the a smarter approach is to look at why Kiir’s government is completely swallowed up by corruption and why there is no any development since he assumed the leadership of that nation?

The President Kiir is a rich, self-serving windbag who will say almost anything to gain political power and more wealth-from promising a peace, stability, and development to keep out corrupted ministers. Yet each time he blows up what ever he promised. But behind the hype is a truism that South Sudanese people are deeply worried about their country situation, children future, and political direction.

Imagine a country where more than half of its children are not enrolled in schools? Meanwhile, the South Sudan government officials keep sending their children and families members to study in overseas or to neighbouring countries like Uganda and Kenya.

Unfortunately, no one dare to challenge or question what I call educational genocide against the children of the South Sudan, consigned by political leaders. Please correct me if I’m wrong, I think it’s a crime to deprive children of education, especially in that new nation like the South Sudan where 85% of people do not know how to write or read. The question remain, who will replace these corrupted political leaders when many of them are gone where there is no more things to stolen (grave)?

President Kiir intuitively gets that lack of education towards children and political instability plays to it brilliantly in his leadership, reinforcement on negative stereotypes against his political opponents while disregarding plain truths. Furthermore, it’s undeniable fact, the South Sudanese politicians are not working together for the interest of their younger generations, because they(politicians) do not know or understand the nation’s goals that must include “a rising” standard of education, living, sustainability, and harmony between diverse ethnics’ groups in that country. Moreover, those leaders are not interested in investing in their children future through education and their well-being


Finally, here is one thing I do know about all of this, if anyone tries to bring about some changes in that country, he /she would be like a man who is trying to make rough waters smooth with flat iron; therein, you cannot change political leaders who are full of all sorts of delusions of being in power until Jesus returns to earth.