N Korea prepares for its 7th Congress of Workers’ Party

Edited by Nelly Tawil

Thousands of delegates have made an appearance in North Korea for its biggest political event in 36 years. The once-in-a-generation poltical gathering bagan at 9:00am on Friday (8:30pm ET Thursday) in a convention center called “April 25 House of Culture, officials stated.

The 7th Congress of Workers’ Party is the highest political gathering that can be held in the country, previously hosted in 1980, Kim Il Sung, North Korea’s founder and President, elevated his son Kim Jong Il to No.2 in the party, solidifying his position as successor.

The day will hold plenty of spectacle as thousands of costumed North Koreans will parade and preform choreography in the metropolis.

Nobody knows what to expect from North Korean leader Kim Jong Un yet seem to expect political pronouncements.

There are speculations that he is planning to move away from his father’s “military first” ideology and reinforce his own creed of simultaneous nuclear and economic development.

However, North Korean officials insist the congress is simply a continuation of Kim Jong Il’s “revolutionary philosophy” of “single hearted unity” in which there is a “blood kinship” between the leadership, the party and the people.