Myanmar’s government: it will investigate the police abuse of its Rohingya minority caught


The video, shot by a police officer, shows officers in a village in Rakhine state repeatedly hitting and kicking unarmed and unresisting boys and men as they join what appear to be their fellow villagers, who are lined up and sitting on the ground.Myanmar Muslims, who identify themselves as long-persecuted “Rohingya” Muslims stand outside their tents at Da Paing camp for Muslim refugees in north of Sittwe, Rakhine State, western MyanmarThe officers continue to kick and taunt two of the men after they are seated.The video was posted December 31. The video and the abuse it captures are not unusual, AFP notes — but the government response is.

The Ministry of Home Affairs and the Myanmar Police Force have launched an investigation “against police who allegedly beat villagers during area clearance operations on November 5 in Kotankauk village,” a government statement published by state media January 2 declared