Does not man have hard service on earth? Are not his days like those of a hired man? Like a slave longing for the evening shadows, or a hired man waiting eagerly for his wages. In fact, our days are swifter than a weaver’s shuttle, and they come to an end without hope. As a cloud vanishes and is gone, so he who goes down to the grave dose not returns. He will never come to his house again; his place will know him no more.

Therefore, we should learn how to treat each other with respect and dignity; because days are evil and are numbered for every man. Our universe was not intended for a particular ethnic group in any nation .That why we have different people with different colours, languages, beliefs and genders. Imagine if we look the same, speak the same languages, have the same skin colours , genders and beliefs?

Therefore, some of us should understand that we were created or born as different tribes, nationalities, genders and language so that we can know and understand , protect, appreciate mystery of our universe. Therein, there is nothing superior or inferior in this life. We are all the same, except the fact that each one of us will leave this life on the day that has been appointed for him/her departures.

But it all depend on the politicians who try to create fear on some people and try to fine other reasons to prove that there are people who are superior over others. These are all illusions with no bases. For example, let’s take Mr. Donald Trump claims that he wants to bring back America to real Americans. I wonder, if there are real and fake Americans in the United States?

Donald Trump sounds like the Zimbabwean President Mr. Robert Mugabe who confiscated white people houses, farms lands and forced many of them out of the country. As a result, the Zimbabwean economy came to its knee and collapsed and never recovered to this day. Mugabe wanted Zimbabwe for black people only and without white who were citizens for that nation. But Mr. Mugabe had similar agenda like Donald Trump in America who does not want Latinos, Muslims, Asians, Blacks even the NATO which forms up 28 European nations.

Diversity is what make up every nation strong. America has never been weak because of those who are seeking new and better lives. Rather, it made it the strongest nation on earth and that’s why people come from are four corners of the earth to contribute their talents, freedom, dignity and freedom of speech and religion which are not found elsewhere. Finally, I hope that Mr. Donald Trump would not be like wondering clouds that have no especial destination. A man of a good character is the one who re-considers his prejudice ideas that would bring his failure, especially in a situation such as general election  which would lead to the Oval Office in the White House.