Malcolm Turnbull hints at changes in tax

Edited by Nelly Tawil (AME Media)

Malcolm Turnbull, while continuously fighting the label of being a idle prime minister has confirmed that there will be “important changes to tax,” in an interview with ABC Tuesday morning.

Doubtful that changes to GST and negative gearing were an option, ABC pressed Mr. Turnbull for more details on whether there was anything left to introduce to tax policy.

In response Mr. Turnbull replied that there will be “important changes in terms of tax”, however the budget will not be released until May 3rd.

When asked when voters could expect to be let in on his stance on schools, health and other areas, he hinted to announcements being made later this month.

“A COAG meeting and meeting of the premiers and chief ministers of the territories on the 31st of this month and on the 1st of next month, and I will have more to say in the lead-up to that relating to health and schools and so forth,” Turnbull told ABC.

On another front, Mr. Turnbull denies claims that he is seeking re-election on the Abbott government record.

With Tony Abbott still in the picture he told SkyNews,“The Turnbull Government is seeking election fundamentally on the record of the Abbott government stopping the boats, finalising the free trade agreements, our strong national security policy.”

Malcolm Turnbull hits back at these comments and said people need to remember that he too was part of the Abbott government.

“There are many policies that have been announced and many initiatives that have been undertaken that were either not policies or not being pursued by Mr Abbott.”

Turnbull goes on to list his Senate voting reform, media law reform and various other examples of how Mr. Abbott’s government does not overlap with his.

“What I have is a very clear economic plan to ensure that we continue successfully to transition from an economy driven by mining and construction boom to one that is more diverse,” he told ABC.