Lebanon PM denounces bombings in Brussels

Edited by Nelly Tawil

Lebanese Prime Minister Tammam Salam condemned the Tuesday bombings in Brussels, declaring that such acts “tarnish the image of Arabs and Muslims, harm their interests and widen the gap between them and the Western world.”


Salam released his statement through his press office expressing his disappointment and sympathy for all those involved in the attack. The statement went on to say that the Lebanese Prime Minister called Charles Michel, his Belgian equivalent to offer his condolences.


“The fight against terrorism is long, and there is a need today, more than ever, for serious and coordinated global action to target the sources of terrorism, wherever they are,” he continued.


Lebanon’s Hezbollah group also denounces the ISIS-claimed attacks in a statement saying that they see the recent events as an extension of dangers posed by the takfiri terrorist groups. The Hezbollah group continued to call upon regional and global states to halt their backings to extremist groups affirming, “It is the responsibility of regional and international forces to stop supporting them ideologically, morally and financially.”


Former premier Saad Hariri strongly criticizes the events in Belgium accusing the perpetrators of being devoid of any religious values as well as being “against the simplest humanitarian and moral principles.”


The statement from Hariri’s press office said “we reiterate our calls for global cooperation to face the epidemic of terrorism which has reached the whole world.”