Lebanese Defense Minister Inspects Military Units in Tripoli, Border Areas

The Lebanese Defense Minister Elias Bou Saab inspected on Saturday the military units in Tripoli city and other northern towns including the crossings with Syria, surveying the army needs to carry out missions.

Bou Saab met with Mufti of Tripoli and the North, Sheikh Malik Al Shaar, stressing that terrorism has “no religion or sect” and that people around the world “denounce extremists’ acts.”

“The directives of the President of the Republic were strict to maintain security in Tripoli, a city that is not an incubator of terrorism and totally rejects it,” said Bou Saab, adding that “the truth will emerge through investigations.”

With regards to the trials’ process, he said: “It is slow and there are some files that have been referred to the Judiciary Council, and we will see how to speed up the course of matters.”

In turn, Mufti Al Shaar assured that Tripoli is a city of coexistence between Christians and the Muslims.

Later, the defense minister moved to Bekaa areas, inspecting the military units and the crossings on Syria border.

Bou Saab also visited Al-Qasr border town, examining the situation of the Lebanese who live within the Syrian territories.

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