Kuwait Towers shroud with Australian Flag on the National Day

On the occasion of the National Day of Australia, Mr Najeeb Al-Bader, the Ambassador of the State of Kuwait to Australia, has conveyed his sincere congratulations and warm wishes to the friendly people and Government of Australia for further progress and prosperity.

 Ambassador of Kuwait noted that the political, economic and educational bilateral relations between Australia and the State of Kuwait have reached their highest levels during the last few decades.

 Coinciding with the Celebration of Australia Day in Australia, The State of Kuwait has also shared celebration on this happy occasion by lighting the Kuwaiti Towers with the Australian Flag and the wording “Happy Australia Day” on the evening of 26/1/2016. This Lighting show is a symbolic gesture of the strong friendly relations between both countries, and in appreciation of the honouring contribution of Australia in the Liberation of the State of Kuwait in 1991.

 It is worth noting that the Towers of Kuwait are one of the most unique structure in the State of Kuwait and the Gulf region, which combines the ancient cultural Kuwaiti heritage with modern architecture. Furthermore, the Towers are regarded as a national symbol of the State of Kuwait.

On the political level, Ambassador Al-Bader has emphasised that Australia and the State of Kuwait evaluate many international issues in a way that reflects the shared interests and values both countries have in common, as well as the mutual commitment to International security and towards achieving world peace. In this regard, Australia and the State of Kuwait are participants in the international coalition against terrorism, besides the bilateral coordination in order to consolidate human rights and support development assistance to the developing countries.

 On the economic level, Australia and the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) enjoy strong trade links with Balance of Trade reaching $14 Billion per year, in addition to the significant investment projects between the State of Kuwait and Australia valued at $12 Billion, in addition to the keen efforts seeking to further promote the mutual trade and investment links, since both countries enjoy an environment appropriate and encouraging to explore further potential investment opportunities in difference fields of mutual interest, such as energy, transformative industries, tourism and services sector. Ambassador of Kuwait highlighted that Australia plays a key role in ensuring food security, ranked as one of the most important exporters of high quality agriculture, meat and dairy products.

In Education, around 1500 Kuwaiti Students are studying at the Australian highly esteemed education institutions and universities, which have topped the international best universities lists. These Kuwaiti students contribute in further enhancing the cultural links with the Australian society, besides learning and benefiting from the experiences they acquire in Australia. Furthermore, the Australian scientific institutions in the State of Kuwait, namely the Australian College of Kuwait and Box Hill College Kuwait, are considered as the most desired option for Kuwaiti students after graduating from High School.

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