Two years ago, the so called ISIS militants in Iraq launched a vicious attack on Yazidi ethnic minority who practice faith other than the Islam. The terrorist group went wild in executing any man on their way, abducting young women, rapped them, and taken many as slaves. Their houses were looted and burned down. Older people and children were forced to accept Islam religion and the militants left trails of deaths and destructions behind in the name of ALLAH and Muhammad.

I would say that on may occasions, our attention is captured by the figure rather than background, by relatively enclosed area rather than the defused area, and by something moving rather than what is still and to all this phenomena, in this way attract our attention, we attribute a high degree of a reality on the one we don’t notice; that only because for the moment, those are important to us.

Consciousness you see is a radar that scans the events like what the ISIS militants has committed against the Yazidi people; as I said, consciousness always looks out for something that might affect one’s life, either in negative or positive way. Just in the same way as the ship’s radar looks for the rocks or other ships coming on its way. And the radar therefore, does not notice vast areas of space where there are no rocks or other ships.

So, in the someway ,our eyes or understanding of tragedies that happen on a daily base are rather selective consciousness behind the eye only pays attention to what we think as important. The fact of the matter is where was the international community before ISIS militants besieged the Yazidi villages? Did the international community apply what I called a selective consciousness of radar that scans what is important and not? For sure, Yazidi people were not in the Americans, Europeans or Russians radar. They were too far for their radar to scan or over looked and left for the ISIS to prey on them as what had happened.\

I believe many people in the Middle East or in Europe did not hear or know anything about Yazidi people in Iraq before the militants attracts on them. You know, the ISIS militants controlled areas in both Iraq and Syria where they failed to scan people feelings and thoughts toward their (ISIS) barbaric and inhumane treatment of the local and foreigners a like. ISIS militants did not scan things over and set strategies on what people values stand for.

The final thought is, what the different between someone who is reactive and the proactive one? Was the international community reactive or proactive before ISIS committed these heinous crimes against the Yazidi people in Iraq ? All know for sure that many lives have been lost and destroyed by radical Muslims in Iraq and Syria?