Iranian cruelty against Yemen civilians rapped

Iran is helping the Houthis and supporters of the ousted president commit “heinous crimes” in Yemen.
This is according to Mohammed Abdul Majid Qubati, Yemen’s information minister, who also thanked his counterparts from the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) for discussing the Yemeni situation at their third extraordinary meeting in Riyadh.
“The Houthis and supporters of the deposed (president Ali Abdullah) Saleh are committing heinous crimes daily against the innocent people of Yemen with the support of Iran,” he said in a statement to the Saudi Press Agency.
Qubati said Tehran still controls most of the Yemeni diplomatic missions in Europe, where pro-Iranian Houthi rebels and Saleh followers work.
“Some Yemeni diplomatic missions are operated from the Iranian city of Qum because of the loyalty of the ambassadors to the government of the mullahs.”
He said that Saleh had planted his followers over more than 30 years in Yemeni diplomatic missions in non-Arab countries, after having sold the resources of the country to Iran.
Qubati thanked Saudi Arabia, the GCC and Arab countries for supporting the legitimate government of Yemen, particularly in terms of humanitarian relief in cooperation with the King Salman Center for Relief and Humanitarian Aid, which had provided more than 90 percent of this aid.
In Jazan’s southern Dhahran, meanwhile, Saudi forces killed four militants who had targeted locations including a mosque with missiles, which saw an imam and his son killed.
In Al-Rabua region, Saudi forces continued military operations against terrorists trying to infiltrate the area, local media reported.
In the meantime, coalition forces intensified attacks near Al-Harth on Thursday night, destroying several military vehicles. These targets were determined with unmanned drones.
Near Najran region, Apache helicopters killed snipers and destroyed arms and artillery depots hidden by the rebels in several locations.