On Thursday, January 15, 2016, Six Canadians Citizens Fell to terrorism while on a humanitarian mission in West African country known as Burkina Faso.

In fact, this terrorism act went beyond our comprehension and believes, since family of four was among killed. You know, savages known as JIHADIS strongly believe they are serving ALLAH by murdering innocent people and especially those who do not share their dark moral values. Are these outrageous acts of terrorism in the name of Islam a new norms? If not so, then, why some people are in state of denial?

Dr. Martin Luther King Junior said, “Our Lives Begin to End the Day We Become Silent About Things That Matter.” Lost of lives in the hands of terrorists’ does matter to my understanding.

Twenty-eight people of 18 nationalities were killed and 56 others wounded in this attack. It is apparent that the Islamic extremists want to get rid of people who are doing good for the world and replace them with evil ones like themselves. The six Canadians citizens scarified their lives, time, energy and money in order to go and help underprivileged children in a remote area in Burkina Faso. They went to Africa before Christmas after many months of preparation, organization and fundraising activities in Quebec, Canada.

As Christians, let’s pray for those who hate, kill, and persecute others so that Almighty God changes their dark and evil thoughts into doing what is good for all humanity.