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If Christian Porter is writing these dixers, it is just indicative of how busy he is, because OMG it might just be easier to put a microphone on the prime minister when he delivers his joint party room rah rah, then put up with this.

Put it in a press release. Let backbenchers ask questions that actually matter to their communities.

Can the minister confirm that sound radiology the Adelaide is situated within 5km of 9 other MRI machines with existing MRI Medicare licences?


I’m very happy to check the details on that. But let me run through the criteria for this process, I understand the ALP ran a parallel process, but there was no identification of the grounds, there was no identification of the basis for..for applications, and there was no identification of a formal process.

In particular, I can indicate that on the 4 February 2019, the government announced further investment in the MRI program, bringing the total units to over 50.

On 23 September, 2018, the government announced an invitation to apply an ITA process, to allocate Medicare eligibility to up to 20 additional MRI units comprising a mix of fully eligible units and partial units in metropolitan and regional areas. The closing time for lodging applications was 2 September, 2018.

In terms of the streams through which applications were available, they included the upgrade of partially eligible MRI equipment to full eligibility. Stream two is full Medicare eligibility for MRI equipment applicants with either an operational MRI unit at the practice, or will have one at the location by 31 December 2020.

The grounds are set out in those terms and that’s the process that’s been followed.


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