Gangster boss Mahmoud ‘Brownie’ Ahmad shot dead in meticulous assassination

A notorious crime boss who was gunned down in a “hail of bullets” in a suburban street in Sydney’s southwest knew he was a marked man and had a “long list” of enemies out to get him.
Mahmoud “Brownie” Ahmad, considered the “Mr Big” of the city’s crime world, was killed outside an associate’s home on Narelle Crescent in Greenacre at 9.30pm on Wednesday.
NSW Police officers from Strike Force Raptor were first on the scene and found the 39-year-old “lying and dying”in the street.
Officers attempted CPR until paramedics arrived but Ahmad was unable to be saved.
Analysing the targeted shooting, Homicide Squad Commander Danny Doherty said there was a “long list of people that would like to see or do harm” to Ahmad.
“They planned it, it is well executed and I suppose it was a meticulous assassination of a person they wanted to kill and it was a person they were not going to muck around with, that’s for sure,” he said.
Prior to Ahmad’s death, the gangland crime boss had been warned he was being targeted by a rival crime gang, with a rumoured $1 million bounty on his life.
Detective Superintendent Doherty said that despite knowing he was a “marked man,” Ahmad refused to “heed the warnings”.
Even up until last week, police were executing foreign execution orders warning them about being associated with ‘Brownie’ Ahmad, that they are in danger and needed to be warned about that,” he said.
“He did not want to hide and wanted to carry on his normal criminal activities to deal with the same associates and he has borne the consequences of that.”
Police said more than one person “lay in wait” outside the house before opening fire.
Ahmed had only returned to Australia after visiting Lebanon in early April, despite having knowledge of a potential contract for his death.
In January 2022, it was revealed by The Daily Telegraph that a foiled attempt had been made on Ahmed’s life in October 2021. The gangland figure was told to abandon his plans to visit Rushcutters Bay Park with his children. Located in Sydney’s eastern suburb of Rushcutters Bay, the park is frequently filled with children, families and picnickers enjoying the waterfront.
It’s believed Ahmed received a call from an associate, warning him of the imminent danger. Police were called to Narelle Crescent in the southwest suburb of Greenacre at around 9.30pm on Wednesday night after reports of multiple gun shots being fired.
Ahmad was found with gunshot wounds outside a home and died at the scene, with paramedics unable to treat him.
Police are also investigating a potential link between a black Porsche sedan and black BMW which were located on fire at Strathfield and Belmore a short time later. Up until a few months ago, the underworld figure was serving a six-year manslaughter sentence for the death of Sydney underworld figure Safwan Charbaji. The 32-year-old was killed in a broad daylight shootout occurred at Condell Park in April 2016. Ahmad was later arrested by police at Sydney Airport in March 2017 after fleeing to Lebanon, however he was able to get his sentence reduced to five years after assisting authorities with the investigation. Detectives from the Homicide Squad will continue to investigate the circumstances surrounding the shooting, with assistance from the Bankstown Police Area Command, Southwest Metropolitan Region, and the Criminal Groups and Raptor Squads.
Ahmad was the brother of slain underworld figure Walid ‘Wally’ Ahmad, 41, who was killed in the weeks after Charbaji’s death.
Wally was gunned down in a spray of bullets after being ambushed outside the Centro cafe at Bankstown Central Shopping Centre in April 2016.

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