Firefighter shot dead, another injured while responding to call in Maryland


What kind of a man that shots and kills a fire-fighter, a doctor, a teacher,or a paramedic who responses in order to safe someone’s life? But what is going on with gun violence in America is beyond our comprehension at this juncture. A fire-fighter was shot dead and a second one seriously injured while responding to a medical call at a home in Maryland, authorities said.

John Ulmschneider, 39, died after the shooting in Prince George’s County on Friday night, fire officials said.
The fire-fighters were responding to a relative’s call “expressing concern” about the occupant of the home, the county police department said in a statement.
As the fire-fighters tried to enter the home, the occupant shot them, police said. Specifics on the call were unclear, but authorities said it was medical-related.
Prince George’s County police officers rushed to the Temple Hills scene and arrested the suspect.
Kevin Swain, a volunteer fire-fighter, was shot and is in serious condition, police said in a statement.