Eilidh Mackenzie-Hunter admits drink driving

An eastern suburbs teeth whitening and tooth gem professional was still under the influence from a boozy event the night before when she was caught drink driving on Christmas Day, a court has heard.
Officers issued Eilidh Mackenzie-Hunter, 28, with an infringement notice for low range drink driving on Christmas Day last year after she blew over the limit at 8.45am in Woolloomooloo.
Police now have the discretion to issue an immediate three-month suspension to first-time low range drink driving offenders as an infringement rather than requiring an offender to come to court.
Mackenzie-Hunter opted to take the matter to court where she pleaded guilty and asked for leniency at Downing Centre Local Court on June 29.
Magistrate Miranda Moody was told Mackenzie-Hunter – who was detected drink driving by officers on Cowper Wharf Roadway in Wooloomooloo – had been drinking the night before and it was a “day after” offence where she was still over the limit the next day.
“She’s extremely remorseful, and she comes before the court as a person of otherwise good character,” Ms Moody said.
Mackenzie-Hunter was spared a conviction and instead sentenced to a 12-month conditional release order to be of good behaviour.
The Clovelly woman owns a business called Luxup, which she established in 2019.
The business offers mobile teeth whitening which can be performed at clients’ homes, offices or in a pop-up setting at other beauty salons.
The business also offers teeth gems – semipermanent gemstones which are affixed to the client’s teeth.

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