Deadly Chennai, India, flooding leaves residents in fear

Weeks of heavy rain and flooding have knocked out power, suspended public transportation and left people stranded in Chennai, one of India’s largest cities.

The Indian army and navy are carrying out rescue operations, the Indian defense ministry told the Media. The Indian Coast Guard is also working to rescue people.

At least nine people have died so far in severe flooding that has hit Chennai in recent days, according to a Tamil Nadu state official tally released Wednesday.

“People who were standing with me were the people who lost their home and waiting for rescue,” he told reporter.

Dharumaiyan fears if the water levels rise overnight, he will have water in his home.

More than a foot of rain fell in the last 24 hours in Chennai — that’s about the amount of rain London would receive in six months, according to the media Meteorologist Pedram Javaheri

It has rained 34 of the past 40 days and the heavy-rain-warning continues, according to  meteorologists. The rain warning for the southern Indian states of Tamil Nadu and neighboring Puducherry are forecast through December 5, accorting to India’s main weather office.