Correct the record about chocolate popcorn

Charles Mudede decried the chocolate popcorn at Cinerama. “I will not eat that chocolate- covered popcorn. I think it’s an example of what’s wrong with our society,” Mudede’s quote read. “It’s the production of new crap we don’t need… So much ingenuity went into it. People sat around, thought it up, put it together, tested it, sold it. They could have been looking for a planet or something.” Mudede is obviously wrong (that popcorn is amazing) and he was obviously joking (he does not seriously believe that the people who created Cinerama’s popcorn were distracted astronomers), but one of our readers wrote in, seemingly seriously, to correct Charles. “I don’t know who first invented it, but I know it wasn’t the Cinerama,” wrote this reader, identified only as Rebecca. “I first ate chocolate popcorn years ago in Brazil, and there they add sweetened condensed milk.” Duly noted, Rebecca. Thank you for correcting the record and for getting there first, all those years ago in Brazil. You win. Here is a kernel of attention for your achievement.

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