Brotherhood calls on Jordan to boycott Bahrain ‘peace conference’

The Islamic Action Front (IAF), the largest opposition party in Jordan, yesterday called on the kingdom not to take part in the US-brokered economic conference in Bahrain.

Mounir Rashid, IAF official, said in a statement that the forthcoming conference was being organised within the framework of “the so-called US-led deal of the century that aims to liquidate the Palestinian cause.”

“Jordan’s official and popular position is to refuse any deal, which would undermine the rights of the Palestinian nation and interests of the Jordanian state,” Rashid continued.

The IAF is the Jordanian arm of the Muslim Brotherhood political group.

The US announced in a joint statement with Bahrain that Manama will host an economic workshop entitled “Peace to Prosperity” on 25 and 26 June. The White House said that the workshop was aiming to “encourage investing capital in the West Bank, Gaza, and the region,” describing it “the first phase of the US sponsored ‘deal of the century’ plan.”

American officials recently told Reuters that the economic workshop would bring together government officials and business leaders in an effort “to jump-start the economic portion of the peace initiative, which is also expected to include proposals for resolving thorny political issues at the heart of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”