An exciting landmark Deloitte report has positioned Bankstown as being a vital health and wellbeing centre by 2036; becoming a key precinct that will be a crucial connector in the health eco-system of NSW.
The City of Canterbury Bankstown has unveiled the Deloitte report, “Canterbury-Bankstown and the Health Revolution” at its annual event CBEvolve, outlining the vision of the Bankstown health and wellbeing precinct.
The report claims the Canterbury-Bankstown region is set for a major transformation – building upon its unique diversity, vibrant industry and cultural sector – to be shaped by a once-in-a-generation hospital development, Metro development, and the attraction of Tertiary education into the heart of the City.
According to the report, Bankstown can be positioned as the leading link between other health precincts, linking Liverpool, Randwick, Westmead and St George.
These opportunities for transformation are built upon a variety of factors including:
A Government commitment of $1.3 billion to develop health services in Bankstown, including a new Bankstown Hospital (with expected construction to begin 2023 and completed 2029)
Recent investment in the Sydney Metro South West, will include a station at Bankstown – with expected completion in 2024. This will provide better connectivity between Bankstown to Sydney CBD, Parramatta and Liverpool.
There is also access to three airports; Bankstown Airport, Sydney Airport and Badgerys Creek, where aeromedical services are provided.
Canterbury-Bankstown Mayor Khal Asfour said it is well known that the region is the among the most socially and economically diverse communities in NSW.
“We are also privileged to be in the unique position of our location, which is at the crossroads between major transport and health care hubs,” Mayor Asfour said.
“It’s very exciting to hear about the incredible opportunities for the region, as a key source of innovation for these critical industries. And, it’s clear to see our future as a significant health and well-being hub, looks incredibly bright.”
“Now is the most opportune time for the Premier to announce a decision about the proposed site for the new Bankstown hospital.”
Key points:
– Canterbury-Bankstown is home to a large and rapidly growing population of 366,750 people – projected to grow by 15 percent over the next 15 years. The LGA hosts a highly diverse population with a greater percentage of people from non-English speaking backgrounds (60 percent) than the Sydney average.
– Bankstown can be a trailblazer to solve challenges, such as health translation across diverse populations. There’s an opportunity to take advantage of Bankstown’s location by leveraging the strengths and weakness of our neighbours.
– Bankstown can be positioned as the leading link between other health precincts, creating a vital connector in the health eco system. In this way, Bankstown doesn’t compete for limited resources, but becomes the leading connector, helping reduce the pressure faced by other centres.
– The Bankstown health precinct could be the interlocker between the other health precincts of Liverpool, Randwick, Westmead and St George. While each area has its own needs, Bankstown could position itself in a way that can service and work together on solving any gaps.
– Rather than competing, the aim is to collaborate and leverage off the needs of those around the area. This could include logistics, manufacturing, innovative expertise and a skilled workforce.
– The Bankstown health precinct can innovate by focussing on prevention rather than only reacting to emergencies. There’s also the potential to work with Western Sydney University, TAFE and other service providers to build a workforce that has the skills to “future-proof” the workforce, built on growing industries.
– While the region can attract and develop expertise, there’s a need for a clear research and development path, supporting clinical trials and allied health interventions. Areas, such as robotics, nanotechnology and applied medical technologies are new ground the precinct can lead on.

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