Bail denied for South African ‘racist’ coffin pair


Two white farmers in South Africa accused of forcing a black man into a coffin for trespassing have been denied bail.

Last month, Theo Martins Jackson and Willem Oosthuizen were charged with kidnapping and assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

They were arrested after a 20-second video, which was shot on 17 August, began circulating on social media showing a white man forcing a black man inside a coffin, and threatening to pour petrol over him and set it alight.

A reporter for South Africa’s eNCA has been tweeting from the courtroom in Middelburg:

According to EyeWitness news, the prosecutor opposed the pair’s bid for bail, arguing that the victim, Victor Mlotshwa, had been threatened since their arrest.

Magistrate Jongilizwe Dumehleli described the incident as shocking, sadistic and racist and said it was not surprising that the whole world was shocked by the incident, eNCA reports.

What is shockingly aggravating in this case is the manner in which the victim screamed, urging the men not to do this. The explanation by the applicants is that they had to teach the victims a lesson. This is more than offending.

 Their explanation is that they were threatened by the complainant. I reject this because it’s improbable especially taking into account their courage to force the victim into the coffin.”
The trial is expected to start on 25 January 2017.