Abbott Can Teach Europe How to ‘Stop the Refugee Boats’

British Prime Minister David Cameron wishes to call former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott to Europe so he could teach the continent how to “stop the boats” for refugees.

British Chancellor Angela Merkel’s attempt to invite and welcome refugees was an ideal example of a Europe filled with emotions and humanity, but because of a world where smugglers and human traffickers reside, the blessing turned into a curse. Once Europe gave a green signal to refugee influx, the borders started being controlled by criminal gangs.

The High Court of Australia has declared the movement of refugees offshore as legal. Turnbull, on the verdict, said that the borders need to be secure. “Our commitment today is simply this: the people smugglers will not prevail over our sovereignty. Our borders are secure. The line has to be drawn somewhere and what it is drawn at our border,” the PM said as quoted byBBC.

The Australian Liberal Party had once done Cameron a favour by searching, financing and preserving Sir Lynton Crosby. His knighthood was said to be a gesture owed by the Conservatives for “their first majority in around a quarter of century.” Cameron, hence, finds this as the right moment to return the favour to Abbott by offering him a peerage.

The Telegraph UK quoted Cameron’s three “good reasons” for asking Abbott to accept the peerage. Among those was the strongest reason that Europe will learn how to stop refugees from entering the continent as soon as Abbott is back in the UK. Another “good reason” is to free present Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull from the stress being replaced by his predecessor as history shows former leaders often return to leadership with revived passion.

Lastly, the former Australian PM was born in London and has shown his respect for the country by giving an eulogy to Margaret Thatcher after she died and would probably not refuse membership of the House of Lords.