Pretty much everybody wants to look good and be happy with their body. The concept of what ‘looks good’ is always changing and evolving and that’s why we see so many diet programs and weight loss program information being littered onto the television and the internet. Throughout the past hundred years or so, however, there has been a very different kind of person: the bodybuilder. Bodybuilders are the dedicated few who turn their body into absolute masterpieces, treating each muscle like a religious text that needs to be meticulously studied. While bodybuilding can be a noble pursuit, just look at Arnold Schwarzenegger, it can also cause some serious self harm. Listed below are 11 bodybuilders who crossed the line in their pursuit for the perfect body and ended up paying for it dearly.

Anthony D’Arezzo

When you are at the peak of your game in bodybuilding you will be rolling in bank accounts filled with cash. Competitive bodybuilding can be great when you need to stock up your account but it can also be deadly, as Anthony D’Arezzo learned. Anthony D’Arezzo looked like the classic bodybuilder before his untimely death in 2006 but he didn’t get there without a bit of health. D’Arezzo suffered from cardiopyopathy, a heart defect, that was exacerbated by extensive steroid usage. D’Arezzo was told by his doctors to stop taking the steroids and limit his time in the gym but the allure proved to be too much. D’Arezzo died of a heart attack in his hotel room the night before a competition. Are all of the money market accounts and internet banks filled with money worth it in the end? We don’t think so.