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The Iraqi media Announcer, Hadil Sabah, is one of the generation of media professionals who had been shown on the Iraqi screen and achieved a good presence from her beginnings in 2005 until her arrival to Sydney as a reporter for the Iraqi satellite channel.

Hadil presented many successful programs on Iraqi TV and worked in the news department and was widely recognized in her homeland, Iraq.
She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management and Economics, she loved her country and through her free career she embodied this love and turned it into her home and family.

Hadil is a brilliant journalist for she conveyed her free word through her hard work, and she harmonized between her profession and her family.

Al-Anwar Newspaper asked her these questions:

 How did your journey with the media begin?

I practiced the media profession when I was a student in the college when an opportunity came to apply for a job as a program presenter in 2005, I and a large group entered the exam. Thank God, I succeeded and was approved after my practice of presenting programs for two years.
I was tested by Al-Iraqiya channel and succeeded, then I started working for television in 2005.
After that, I became associated with director Samir Qassem in 2007, and he was encouraging and supporting me to continue my work.

We also saw you as a news anchor on Iraqi satellite channel presenting programs as well?  Why?

For me, I went through this experience after working as a presenter for three years.  I was trained for three months as an economic news anchor and presented the economic news.
But the presentation of the programs for me was much nicer.  I got used to smiling on programs, which is not acceptable for a news anchor.  So I quickly returned to the programs.
I presented a number of programs, including “Good Morning Iraq,” “Happy Days,” “Win ​​Gold,” “Iraq Media,” “Iraqi Stars,” “Chocolate,” “Arts,” “Iraqi Wedding,” and others.
“Iraqi wedding” program requires you to meet directly with the audience.

What are the main difficulties in providing this type of program?

I have presented various direct programs, but frankly, the “Iraqi Wedding” program left a very beautiful print between me and the audience.  It is the closest to myself because it has joy and a smile at a time when Iraq and Iraqis need to smile and cheer.
What I liked most about it was my direct meeting with the public and the Iraqi street of all sects.  It is a great audience, but the difficulties lie in the fact that the program is on the air, and this requires the ability and flexibility of me to deal with any emergency that may occur.

Have you experienced embarrassing situations with fans on the Iraqi street?

Actually, the Iraqi street has levels, and every person expresses his feelings in his own way, such as taking pictures, for example, or getting close and talking to me.  But thank God I have never had an embarrassing situation with any fan.  Because my husband works in the same field as my work, so he always appreciates that and understands these matters.  In general, the Iraqi public is very beautiful and ethical, which gives the soul reassurance.

How much do you give a percentage for each outward appearance, personality, and age in this profession?

– The external appearance is required in the first degree and culture is definitely required, so what is the benefit of beauty alone in applying?
The personality is important because it influences the audience.
As for acceptance, as long as the broadcaster bears the quality of beauty, personality, culture and spirit of love, then she will be accepted in society.  As for age, in my opinion it is not a condition, but certainly in the twenties

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